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Stasia Burrington

A collection of drawings on brown Kraft Stonehenge paper. Done with charcoal, sumi ink, acrylic paint and cut fabric flower collage.

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Here’s a commission from my previous batch! For pirateliz, two characters from her short story The Rain Follows the Forest, which takes place in pre-colonial Hawaii.



Let’s Draw: Lady Knights

Compiled them all into a photoset. The prompts, respectively:1) Fists, Top Heavy, Nervous, Indian, Shark/Piscine
2) Bow, Petite, Honest, Spanish, Boar
3) Staff, Skinny, Evil, Aztec, Insectoid
4) Mace, Bulky, Mischievous, Russian, Big Cat
5) Axe, Short, Glum, Japanese, Snake
6) Sword, Athletic, Bashful, Roman, Bird of Prey
7) Shield, Perky, Plump, English, Rabbit

Another fun exercise! At the moment I’m thinking up another prompt to try. Hopefully it’ll be just as interesting!

gat dang your character design is so good

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can’t stop drawing rude foxes

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The gorgeous art of Noah Bradley.



20 formas de dividir Europa

Aunque lo de que ricos/pobres incluya a España…

shhh maybe they’ll buy all our debt if they think we’re rich, don’t disturb the force


Hello Gorgeous.#pascalcampionart


Hello Gorgeous.


Cooking: Murder training??? That Hannibal guy might be on to something.

Also on Tapastic!

Now with rockin follow-up comics: poisons and weapons.